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Permanent Makeup Artist in Naples, FL - Anna Koribanic

About Anna

Anna Koribanic

Permanent Makeup Artist

Naples, FL

My obsession with eyebrows started many years ago when I began my journey as a MAC makeup artist...

Over time, that obsession became a reality for me. I realized my true talent and love was in making women feel beautiful and confident about themselves, from the moment they wake up, to bed time. 


Because of my longstanding love of beauty, I bring more than a decade of experience as a MAC Makeup Artist and Level 5 Hair Stylist / Colorist in Naples, FL to my Permanent Makeup work. Shaping, enhancing and coloring are what I've done for my entire career, and I love translating these skills into my permanent makeup eyebrow work. For me, permanent makeup is more than just a procedure, it's something I am extremely passionate about and love to do. I have successfully gone through extensive permanent makeup training, and do continuing education on a regular basis.


My permanent makeup specialties are Machine Hair Stroke Eyebrows, Powder Brows - also known as Ombre Brows, or a combination of the two. The clientele I come across consists of people that have zero brows, to people that have plenty of eyebrow hair, but would just enjoy a little more fullness. I would love to meet you here in beautiful Naples, Florida and personally help you find which technique would satisfy your needs.  

Permanent Makeup Eyebrows - Powder Brows
Naples permanent makeup artist combination technique eyebrows by Anna K
Naples permanent makeup artist eyebrows by Anna K
Permanent Makeup Eyebrows - Machine Hair Strokes
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