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Perma Blend Permanent Makeup Ink

Permanent Makeup
Ink - Perma Blend

While many Permanent Makeup Artists choose less expensive inks that fade quickly and require constant touch-ups, I prefer to work with the highest quality ink available in the industry, Perma Blend.

Besides permanent makeup technique, one of the contributing factors to varying prices in Permanent Makeup eyebrows in Naples is the type of ink used. Cheap initial permanent makeup eyebrows services typically require you to return for constant touch-ups every few months because the ink fades quickly. That is not the case with Perma Blend permanent makeup ink. 


Perma Blend permanent makeup pigment inks last for years and they are the highest quality money can buy. They're the only company in the US with an ISO 13485 Medical Device-Level Certification, to ensure the results you receive from my permanent makeup services in Naples are not only beautiful, but the longest-lasting and safest for your body.


Like myself, Perma Blend settles for nothing but the best, with safety protocols that far exceed the standards of US, Canadian, and European certifications. They are also fully transparent regarding the premium ingredients used to create their permanent makeup inks. Using these superior inks makes me feel completely reassured that the ink I deposit into my clients' skin is always the best in Naples.

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Perma Blend permanent makeup ink certifications
Naples Permanent Makeup Eyebrows with Perma Blend
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