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Permanent Makeup Artist Expert in Naples

Machine Hair Stroke Brows

Machine Hair Stroke Eyebrows - Permanent Makeup in Naples, FL

Machine Hair Stroke Eyebrows

The Machine Hairstroke Brow technique is the newest permanent makeup alternative to Microblading eyebrows. Machine hair strokes achieve a more realistic and natural hair-like result than Microblading in Naples, FL. The key difference is in how the pigment is applied. A far more sophisticated technique, many technicians who perform permanent makeup eyebrows in Naples are now moving away from old-fashioned Microblading eyebrows to Machine Hair Stroke permanent makeup. This more modern technique of permanent makeup is now being sought after due to its superior results and greater client satisfaction.


Machine hair strokes are created using the same type of eyebrow tattoo pen used in Permanent Makeup Powder Brows, Permanent Makeup Eyeliner and Permanent Makeup Lip in Naples, Florida. A high-speed, oscillating needle finely and more gently deposits the pigment into the skin, thereby creating less risk of scarring than in the old Microblading technique.

Machine Hair Stroke Brows

Powder Eyebrows, Ombre Brows - Naples Permanent Makeup
Naples Permanent Makeup

Powder Brows

Powder Brows

Powder Brows, also known as Ombré Brows, is permanent makeup eyebrow technique for my clients who need or prefer a more full and shaded result. In this technique, eyebrow tails are slightly darker and fade out a little lighter towards the middle, creating the “Ombré” style effect. It’s a similar look to filling in your eyebrows with brow makeup pencil that you would apply every morning, except it doesn’t wash off.  The Powder Brow eyebrow makeup technique is performed with a machine tattoo pen to deposit and shade pigment into the skin.



The Powder Brows permanent makeup technique uses a needle to layer soft dashes and light dots, that come together to form the perfect, defined shape with a velvety look. It’s a beautiful style especially for mature women, those with oily skin, or active people.

Powder Brows after 1 year

Working with Anna



Every technician has a different style and artistry when it comes to Permanent Makeup design. No two Permanent Makeup Artists will perform the same type of brow technique exactly the same. We're different people with different artistic talents, levels of skill and expertise from our varying backgrounds and personal aesthetic preferences. I tend to prefer very natural, feathered, realistic results that work with your facial structure. I am light-handed in my application and as a result, there is minimal trauma caused to the skin. If you are looking for very thick, bold, dark eyebrows, you will not receive that from me. Permanent makeup is, in my opinion, something you should be comfortable waking up with and also something that suits your face with or without makeup on. It should not be the first thing people notice on your face.



First, you will complete a form that will help me understand your skin, health and expectations from this treatment and we will proceed to the treatment room. After disinfecting the area, I will draw one of the brows with strokes/powder depending on the chosen technique, taking into consideration your preferences: thickness, shape of the bulb (area closer to the nose) - round/square/in between etc. If you approve of the shape, I will go ahead and draw in the other brow. I will do my best to achieve symmetry, but your brows WILL NOT look perfect by any means. The bone structure is different on both sides and most people raise just one of their brows when they speak to someone, so there will most likely be some sort of difference.



If and only if both of us are happy with the pre-drawn shape, we will go ahead and start the micro-pigmentation process. Various colors are used. You should expect to have darker brows the first few days, before there's a tiny bit of flaking that takes place, but nothing major. Because it's meant to have a fairly natural healed look, you're free to return to your normal daily activities right after having this done (work ext.) It is a bit more obvious that you've had something done in the brow area the first 1-5 days after the treatment. Redness subsides within a few hours.



Please understand that while the general term is "Permanent Makeup," this is actually a semi-permanent procedure. Because eyebrow permanent makeup is performed with face pigments and not body tattoo ink, it will slowly fade out of the skin. Most technicians recommend yearly touch-ups, but it largely depends on your skin, your daily activities and how you care for them on a daily basis. For many of my clients, with proper care a touch-up every 1.5 - 3 years is fine. Using SPF on your brows anytime you're in the sun will greatly extend the life of the treatment.

Microblading Naples FL

Microblading vs. Machine Hair Strokes Brows

In my opinion, the Machine Hair Stroke Eyebrow technique is superior to Microblading for 3 key reasons:


1) It provides more natural, better-looking results than Microblading.

2) The application technique creates less risk of scarring than Microblading.

3) It can easily be paired with Powder Brow shading if needed to achieve an even fuller effect that is not possible with simply Microblading.

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