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More beautiful brows,
for a more beautiful you.

Brows by Anna K, permanent makeup Naples, FL

Permanent Makeup Eyebrows in Naples, FL

Anna Koribanic, Permanent Makeup Artist in Naples, Forida

Anna Koribanic



"No two Permanent Makeup Artists will perform the same brow technique exactly the same. We're different people, with different artistic talents, levels of skill & expertise from our backgrounds, and different aesthetic preferences. I tend to prefer very natural-looking, feathered, realistic eyebrows that work with your facial structure, rather than compete with it. To me, that is the look that permanent makeup eyebrows can give to make a woman her most beautiful." 


- Anna Koribanic

See Anna's

Permanent Makeup Brow Services 

Powder Brows, permanent makeup

Powder Brows

Also known as Ombré Brows, for a naturally-shaded, soft & full effect 

Machine Hair Strokes brows permanent makeup

Machine Hair Strokes

For a realistic, natural-hair look with fine precision definition

What Clients Say...

I'm in love with my brows now, thanks to Anna!

- Petra B.

Permanent makeup eyebrows Naples FL

My Preferred Pigments:
Perma Blend


Quick Permanent Makeup Guide



There seem to be so many different types of permanent makeup, how do you choose? I'm going to explain to you each type of permanent makeup Naples Fl so you can understand the difference:


​The Microblading technique is one of the most well-known types of permanent makeup available. In this treatment, a very fine needle deposits tattoo pigment into the skin to draw on eyebrow hairs. This creates a fuller look to your brows and should blend in with existing brow hairs. It can either be used to fill in areas of concern or create brows where there barely is any. You might find different names for this same technique, mostly for marketing purposes. Some permanent makeup artists will try to set themselves apart by making it sound like their technique is different or unique. 

Hairstroke Brows, Nano Brows or Nanoblading

The Hairstroke Brows technique (also known as Nano Brows or Nanoblading) uses a precise technique similar to Microblading, except with a digital tattoo machine utilizing a single needle. The single needle allows the permanent makeup artist to address problem areas in your eyebrows one hair at a time with total precision. 


Powder Brows 

Powder Brows are also referred to as ombre brows, and uses the single needle approach like hair stroke brows. The difference is that Powder Brows gives the appearance of filled-in powder effect, mimicking the look of eyebrow makeup. 

Combo Brows 

If your Permanent Makeup Artist decides that a single technique isn’t right for you, they might use a combination of technique. Using a combo of Hairstroke Brows and Powder Brows, you can achieve the perfect look for your face. 

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